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Messages from  Enrique

Dolph LeMoult 
pub. date Dec. 2001
full-length eBook
Price: $4.00 (U.S.)
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Publisher's Weekly calls Dolph LeMoult's work "Hard-hitting and absorbing ... required reading for true crime buffs". LeMoult's earlier novels, Rock Solid, Street Dance, Dream Street, Death Spiral, The Killing Moon, and Blood Tide, earned him a large and loyal following worldwide.

Now, with Messages From Enrique, LeMoult's first original eBook brings to his readers the same gritty, absorbing realism that are his hallmarks. Messages From Enrique is the account of Rich Janus, a police reporter in New York City who devises a diabolical plot to defraud the NYPD and the City of New York by pinning a 15-year-old unsolved murder on a random, innocent man.

Caught in a web of his own making, Janus is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of sex, violence, and insanity until he is swallowed up in bizarre and terrifying climax.

Avid LeMoult fans will agree: Messages From Enrique is the author's most gripping work to date!

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